Corporate Solutions

The image of a company – conveyed through its people and their professionalism – is one of the most crucial factors contributing to the long-term success of any business.

A company executive, no matter how talented, must also look the part. Appearance gives credibility and helps to bring success to the brand and the company’s image.

Image Elegance consultancy aims to inspire and motivate organizations and their people to improve their overall image and impact, to increase effectiveness, customer satisfaction and therefore profitability in both human and financial terms.

Our services broadly cover:-

  • What to wear in business and how to wear it well.
  • Introduction to Style scale
  • The importance of business accessories
  • Advise on personal grooming
  • Projecting the right image for your market place
  • Corporate & business etiquette which includes dinning, travel, email, Phone etiquette & so on….

We provide our consulting through various formats:

Talks or workshops: we establish what image a company wishes to project and formulate a talk aimed at men and women.

Small group workshops: these give a targeted message and are particularly suited to new intake graduates, newly promoted associates and partners.

One-to-One: as the title suggest one-on-one advice is designed to suit a particular individual.

The beneficiary to this programme could be any one from:

  • Existing employees
  • Graduates coming into the work place for the first time
  • New recruits
  • Newly promoted staff

Image Elegance consultancy will be delighted to create a programme to suit your company taste. We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.