This is the most common question asked,” What is the list of must-have pieces,” “What pieces, one couldn’t live without in their wardrobe? Here are list of things that will be sure to transform your wardrobe into something that is equal parts functional and fabulous. Here are the lists of the things that will make your life easy.

                                                                 FOR WOMEN

The Clothes

1.   A Crisp White Shirt: The white button-down shirt is a classic piece that will never go out of fashion. It’s a basic which goes well with formal and dressy wear. Choose a white shirt which fits you well and of course not to forget take good care of it.

2.   Pair of Dark Jeans: Jeans can be worn as Casuals and for Business casuals. It has evolved from being everyday casuals to fashion statement. For a dressy evening also it goes well and so flattering.

3.   A Formal well fit Trouser: A formal trouser is an essential which should fits you well and flatters you. It can take you from formal to dressy evening look. You can acquire in different colors and style.

4.   A great Looking Jacket: A Jacket can be wear to work or over a cocktail dress. Make sure the fit is perfect which make an instant fashion statement. It can be in linen or woolen depending on your choice. Choose the color wisely which goes well with your outfits in your wardrobe.

5.   The LBD: The little black dress is a must have and it can make all the difference to your wardrobe. It’s a perfect solution for all those confused moments when you feel who don’t have anything to wear for a special occasion. Make sure to have one which is not only flatter your body, also gives you a sophisticated look. It can be accessorized (by a colorful scarf, to a pearl necklace, to a nice pair of heels) for various looks. It also can be worn to office by pairing it with a cardigan or blazer.

6.   Beautiful Evening Wear: Be its any occasion a cocktail party, an award function or dinner for a special occasion people pay special attention. Also many times you cannot repeat the same outfit for all the occasions. So wisely invest your money on dresses which can be accessorized differently for many looks. A nice Saree to have in your wardrobe makes your life easy. Saree gives the most elegant look.

7.   Good Inner wear: Purchasing good inner wear is as important as any outfit. It should be well fitted and of course in good fabric. Make sure you know your size well. Most of the women wear the wrong size.

The Accessories

1.   A Nice Bag: Invest in good bag which can be use for different purpose. It has to be versatile and looks good when worn with jeans, dressy wear or even with a formal wear.

2.   A Thin Belt: It can be worn with formal trousers or with one piece dress (for an illusion of waist).

3.   Sunglasses: It not only protects your eyes from sun damage, UV rays and pollution. It also has a become a style statement which gives an instant glamour. Choose the one which is appropriate for your face shape (Very important to know your Face types).

4.   The Perfect Watch: This will be a time piece which you will keep forever. Buy an elegant piece which will not go out of fashion and goes well with all the outfits.

5.   Pearl or diamond Stud: A pearl or a diamond stud is an eternal piece of jewelry which will be nice to have in your wardrobe.

6.   Nice Foot wears: Some of the must have foot wears are a classic black pump, A nice strappy sandals or flats, a nice pair of sports shoes.

7.   Nice Scarves: Scarves has to be in different colors and prints which can be accessorized well with various outfits.



The Clothes

1.   A Crisp White Shirt: A white shirt not only works wonder for women it also create magic for men. It’s a classic piece which all men should have in their wardrobe. For that matter they should have in different fabrics like Cotton, Linen which are all weather fabric and easy to care. The Classic combination of a white shirt with blue denim will never go out of Style.

2.    Pair of Dark Jeans: No one can go wrong with a pair of jeans. A straight leg Jeans in navy or any dark color can be can be worn as Casuals and semi formal looks. It can be paired with normal t-shirts or shirts.

3.   Classic Black Trouser: A formal trouser is an essential which should fit you well and flatters you. You can get ready made trousers or get it stitch depending on your choice. Also there are many style available like straight fit, single pleated, or flat front trousers.

4.   A Tailored Matching Suit: A Matched suit is a must have in your wardrobe. It not only Make you feel complete also it gives a sense of authority. The best of a suit is you can dress it up or down depending on the mood and occasion. You can simply use Just the blazer with any other trouser or dark denim for Business Casuals.

The Accessories

1.   A Formal Belt:  A Formal belt is a must have accessory in any men’s wardrobe.

2.   Classic Shoes: Every man should have fabulous pair of shoes for all occasions. A Pair of formal shoes preferably in black color with lace for more formal looks. Loafers can be worn for a more dressed down look. Not to forget a pair of sport shoes.

3.   Ties in Classic Pattern: Buy Silk or good quality tie which should complement your suit.Point not to miss,” tip of tie should end near the center of belt buckle”.

4.   The Perfect Watch: A perfect watch which should goes well with various outfits It should not be too loose.

5.   Sunglasses: It not only protects your eyes from sun damage, UV rays and pollution. It also has a become a style statement which gives an instant glamour. Choose the one which is appropriate for your face shape (Very important to know your Face types).

6.   Cuff links: The most important piece of formal jewelry for a man.

7.   Socks: Socks in dark colors matched with the trousers is must. Choose good fabrics.



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