A strong ,positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.

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Anita Sahoo, Founder & Chief Image Consultant of ‘Image Elegance Consultancy’ has a certified Image Consultant degree from Image Consulting Business Institute, under the curriculum designed by Judith Rasband, a Certified Image Master and one of just 8 such masters in the world.
She is a post graduate in finance and is backed with over 6 years of corporate work experience diversifying in major sectors like IT-ERP, Business process consultancy, NGO-Events and Fund-Raising.
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Individual Solutions

Due to today’s busy competitive lifestyle whether you are looking for a job, seeking a promotion, contemplating a marriage proposal, going out for a corporate social dinner or even planning what to wear on your first day at college, image plays a vital role.
Numerous image challenges bother us in everyday life.
How many times have we given a careful thought regarding these small yet important decisions?
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